Need to Understand the Scope of Services for Marketing

❝ One of the points that every entrepreneur who is going to provide Marketing Service should know ❞

How to define service scope?

Setting Service Scope In other words

It means carefully defining the part that will be asked to be responsible based on the Job Scope of the appointed Service Provider.

For example – If you hire a Freelance Marketer for a decent salary/fee.

What I want in return from him is that if he is a JD of a Business Consultant, it cannot be convenient for both of us in the short and long term.

So, as an entrepreneur, to what extent do you want to do marketing?

How much can the service provider I hire be able to do?

There is a need for clarity between the two sides.

Otherwise, there will be conflicts between the businessman and the service provider. Marketing can become ineffective.

If you are going to provide a marketing service, define the scope carefully. Establish Terms & Conditions. Make sure you both agree.

Only then will we be able to establish and implement effective marketing processes.